There’s an unsung member of the Alex Automatic team. I see a lot of concern online about proper credit in comics and it’s great to see things shifting towards everyone involved in the process quite rightly getting the credit they’re due. Alex Automatic #3 will be the first comic to see the light of day … More Unsung…

The Edge Off Influences Part II: Performance

Performance (1968) Director: Donald Cammell, Nicholas Roeg Screenwriter: Donald Cammell Cinematographer: Nicholas Roeg +++THIS ARTICLE CONTAINS SPOILERS+++ One of our most resonant touchstones when creating The Edge Off was a 1968 film which suffered numerous setbacks, poor reviews and a limited screen release, all of which failed to stop it gathering a reputation and emerging … More The Edge Off Influences Part II: Performance

The Edge Off Influences: The Long Goodbye

The Long Goodbye (1973) Director: Robert Altman Screenwriter: Leigh Brackett Cinematographer: Vilmos Zsigmond ++++THIS ARTICLE CONTAINS SPOILERS++++ One of the films I often come back to is Robert Altman’s The Long Goodbye. There’s no real mystery surrounding why it would particularly appeal to me. On the surface, it’s a grimy crime thriller, where a private … More The Edge Off Influences: The Long Goodbye

Live now on Kickstarter: “Debris”

My good friend Alfie Gallagher is running a Kickstarter campaign for his new comic “DEBRIS”, which features “Charlie’s Last Nerve”, a story I’ve written for the project that I’m really excited about people seeing. I’ve loved Alfie Gallagher’s art since I first came across it, when he was promoting his sketchbook “Latin Drawn & Quartered”, … More Live now on Kickstarter: “Debris”