Hour of the Wolf

With the House of Sweets Kickstarter going strong (thanks everyone!)  I thought it might be worth having a look at one of the principal influences on how it came together. Process wise, House of Sweets coalesced a little differently to The Edge Off. The initial idea came from Iain, who sent me a mysterious drawing … More Hour of the Wolf

Heart of Steal

This week, I get to launch a Kickstarter for a new comic. Vaguely exciting if not particularly auspicious you might think, but for me, it’s a big moment in a year that most of you will know has been pretty wild for me health wise. Checks, results and tests are continuing to go well as … More Heart of Steal

Hands into the clay

If you happen to enjoy my comics (and thank you so much if you do) you have a lot to look forward to this year. I’m currently working on six different projects covering the likes of sci-fi action, comedy drama, lo-fi dystopia and more existential chills with the brilliant Iain Laurie. There’s purpose to this. … More Hands into the clay


There’s an unsung member of the Alex Automatic team. I see a lot of concern online about proper credit in comics and it’s great to see things shifting towards everyone involved in the process quite rightly getting the credit they’re due. Alex Automatic #3 will be the first comic to see the light of day … More Unsung…