With a background in comedy, Fraser has written extensively for radio, contributing sketches to the BBC Radio Scotland shows Sabotage, The Janice Forsyth Show and The Magic Glue. Fraser also co-wrote and co-directed (with Tom Brogan) two produced plays, Odds & Sods and The Cinderella Boys, both of which ran at The Ramshorn Theatre in Glasgow. Fraser also has a background in social media, delivering comedy content for companies such as Betfair, Arena Flowers and Diageo among others.

His first love however has always been comics and he has written and published Glasgow-set crime comic SLEEPING DOGS, psychological “spy-fi” adventure ALEX AUTOMATIC and  THE EDGE OFF, a “bizarre noir” thriller blending Statham-style action with magic realism. Other published works include SPLENDID GRINS, and SANDWICHES (for Comichaus), CHARLIE’S LAST NERVE (for anthology comic Debris) and “ONWARD, CHRISTIAN SOLIDERS!” for the RUM ROW anthology.

Fraser is currently working on sci-fi crime caper comic HEART OF STEAL and an action horror book, NIGHTMARE FUEL.

If you want to contact Fraser, you can get him at fizz69_12@hotmail.com or via the contact form on the site.