Live now on Kickstarter: “Debris”

My good friend Alfie Gallagher is running a Kickstarter campaign for his new comic “DEBRIS”, which features “Charlie’s Last Nerve”, a story I’ve written for the project that I’m really excited about people seeing.

I’ve loved Alfie Gallagher’s art since I first came across it, when he was promoting his sketchbook “Latin Drawn & Quartered”, a collection of pieces from when he and his better half decided to live out a dream and travel to South America. He then went on to illustrate all-ages sci-fi adventure, “EIR” written by the talented Ryan K. Lindsay and funded via a massively successful Kickstarter campaign.


Alfie’s art floats in a very unique space between precision and stylised cartooning which gives his work a rare vitality and individuality. He’s also a lovely bloke. When I was running the funding campaign for Alex Automatic #2, he did us a lovely promo piece without even being asked and then gave me a print of it the next time I saw him.

PRINTSo I was delighted to pitch in when he asked me to contribute to his comic, a short story collection featuring stories written by Ryan K. Lindsay, Lee Robson and Martin Hayes – very gifted company to be in.

When we first started chatting about what kind of thing we’d like to do, Alfie asked me to write him some dynamic action and the result was a short version of HEART OF STEAL. Working together on that didn’t pan out, but I’ve gone on to expand and pursue that story with some other creators.


So back to the drawing board. Alfie then asked me to think about something cosmic, maybe with a Kirby influence. I started working along those lines, but then had a really vivid adventure dream that ended up forming the basis of what we eventually put together. I quite often have adventure dreams, odd, hazy action movies that sadly either rarely make sense in the light of day or slip from memory too quickly to write down. But this one was different. In this dream, an after-hours robbery in a grocery store was thwarted by a young women employee with the ability to shape-shift between human and plant form. I woke up remembering it fully and could not get it out of my head. So Alfie was thwarted again. He didn’t get the gonzo cosmic adventure he’d asked for and instead got a gentle comedy about three kids trying to prove that someone they know from the local store is a shape shifting alien. It turned out a real mash-up of influences, with shades of “Stand by Me”, “Monster Squad” and “E.T.”, blending with the kind of breezy tone I love about “Peanuts” and “Calvin & Hobbes”.


Here’s the set up:

Meni is a kid who has become used to his reputation as a teller of tall tales, but when he finds out one of the seniors at his high school might be AN ALIEN, his friends have just got to believe him this time, right?


It’s only 8 pages long but I’ve ended up loving Meni, Cole and Charlie (who’s last nerve is tested in the story, hence the title) and they’ve been knocking on my brain insisting on more adventures since I finished the script. I may well give in at some point in the future.


As you can see, Alfie has done a beautiful job on the art and the team has been ably rounded out by Bram Meehan, a terrific graphic designer and letterer based in Santa Fe.

The Kickstarter for the collection is about half-way funded as I type and you can back the project from as little as £1.00.  We’d be grateful if you’d take a look and consider giving the comic your backing. I’m really fond of what we’ve created together and would love to see what you all think of it.

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